Supersonic Target Drone CH-807

The Rainbow CH-807 supersonic target drone mainly simulates the high-speed flight characteristics and radar scattering characteristics of fourth-generation aircraft and cruise missiles. It can perform tasks such as formation flight, electronic warfare, and the assessment of the attack capability of new missiles on supersonic stealth targets. It has the characteristics of high-altitude supersonic speed, small radar scattering area, low infrared radiation, and ultra-low altitude flight.

Practical ceiling: ≮ 14000m
Combat radius: ≮ 905km
Maximum take-off weight: 280kg
Cruising speed: 860-1300km/h (238m/s-361m/s)
Maximum flight speed: ≮1.6Ma
Endurance time: ≮45min
Radar scattering area (RCS):≯0.01㎡

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