Supersonic Target Drone ChangKong-20

The CK-2 drone first flew in the early 1990s and made its first successful supersonic flight in early 1995. The drone uses digital flight control and is seen as a major breakthrough in Chinese drone technology.

A new type of target drone of the Chinese Air Force has been exposed. The shape of this advanced target drone is similar to that of the F-22. It is reported that this supersonic target drone called "Changkong"-20 has been fully installed in the army, and the RCS reflection area is also different. It is not big, only 0.003 square meters, and the speed is also extremely fast, and it also has a certain ability of supersonic cruise, because the fighter is small in size and has excellent maneuverability. This fighter can be used as the best opponent of the Chinese Air Force J-20 fighter, because this fighter is completely designed according to the specifications of the F22. Although the combat effectiveness is far from that of the F22, it is the best training object, especially it can simulate the fifth The confrontation between generational fighters is something that most countries cannot do. The offensive and defensive data between the fifth-generation aircraft is a treasure that any country holds in its hands, even a country with close ties to Russia.

The Changkong-20 supersonic target drone adopts an aerodynamic layout similar to the F-35, and the actual size of the aircraft is similar to that of the J-31.

Length: 9.83m
Wingspan 7.3m
Height: 2.3m
Take-off weight: 4 800-5 500kg
Practical ceiling: 18 000m
Maximum flight speed: 2200km/h (1.8Ma)
Motorized overload: maximum 6g, instantaneous 9g
RCS: with full-band RCS stealth characteristics,0.003 m²
Take-off and landing method: wheeled take-off and landing
Engine: Turbojet-13 turbojet engine,
Uses: 1. Simulate the F-22 and other active fifth-generation aircraft,
          2. Air defense missile testing and pilot training.
         3, In addition to being used as an air target, the UAV can also be equipped with reconnaissance equipment and weapon systems to perform target reconnaissance, approach interference, high-speed penetration, fire strike and other tasks
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