High-speed Target Drone B-200 180 m/s

The B-200 high-speed target drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle made of all-composite materials. Digital flight control system and GPS navigation system can realize full autonomous flight.

The high-speed target drone can simulate mid- and low-altitude air attack weapons and cruise missiles, and is used to test the combat effectiveness of air defense weapon systems and evaluate the training level of weapon system operators. The aircraft can also fly multiple aircraft (10 aircraft) in formation in the same airspace to meet the requirements of actual combat training.

Maximum flight speed: 180 m/s
Flight altitude: 20~8000m
Endurance time: ≥35min
Maximum take-off weight: 95Kg
Maximum load: 10Kg
Captain: 3.2m
Wingspan: 1.5m
Control distance: 100Km
Max maneuver g:3G
Takeoff Ability: Level 8
Takeoff method: rocket-assisted launch
Recovery method: parachute + airbag
Control and guidance methods: remote control, program control, full autonomous flight
RCS (conventional type): 0.1~0.3 (S, C, KU band)
RCS (stealth type): 0.01 ~ 0.03 (S, C, KU band)
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