High Speed Target Drone

WF-B1A high speed target drone


WF-B1A high speed target drone is used for air defense/air force operation trainning and missile system development and evaluation. It features high maneuver, low RCS, low IR emission and super low altitude capabilities, and can be used for reconnaissance, decoy and EMS missions after modification. Its high performance, reliability and availability have been verified through deployment in large quantity.

Technical Indicators:


Length 4.05m
Wingspan 1.8m
Max Speed 1,000km/h (5,000 m MSL)
Altitude 30 m AGL to 12,000 m MSL
Sea-skimming Altitude 2.5 m AGL(Special altimeter is required)
Maneuverability 8g (5,000 m MSL)
Endurance Up to 60 minutes
Operating Radius Up to 300 km(intervisibility)
Control Mode Autonomous and Remote control
Launch Method Rocket-assisted
Recovery Method Parachute and Airbags
Payload Capacity Over 40 kg
Fuel RP-3
Overhaul life 20 sorties
Payloads Jammer, Seeker Simulator, Infrared or Chaff Jamming Bombs,
Active or Passive Radar Augmentation, Miss-Distance Indicator, Infrared Augmentation , Light Tracer, etc.
Typical tactical maneuvers Lateral Maneuver, S Maneuver, Half Roll, Barrel Roll , 
Multi aircrafts coordination fleet , etc.

The aerial target drone system is designed to imitate remote-controlled aircraft, cruise missiles and subsonic tactical aircraft during combat training and testing of air defense missile, small-arms and artillery systems as well as fighter aircraft weapon systems.


aircraft – aerial target drone;
ground control facilities: a radio control station and a ground telemetry system (mobile or fixed);
special-purpose ground support equipment: launcher (mobile or fixed), air starter of aerial target engine, transportation/loading vehicle, a set of support equipment, ground automated system for integrated aerial target monitoring.

Automatic control system - combined (software or by radio commands).

The main flight modes: takeoff, climb, level flight, descent, turns, snaking, dive, pitch-up, dive followed by nose-up, low-altitude flight, parachute landing.
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