High Speed Target Drone

Target Drone WF-K150Y

Product overview
WF-K150Y target drone is a stealth target drone with some maneuver capability, including the basic type, plateau type, and Navy type. It can simulate the target characteristics of typical combat aircraft, cruise missile, anti-ship missile in maneuver, infrared, radar, electronic countermeasures capabilities; thus serving as a small general-type high-stealth target for weapon test evaluation, unit training, and exercise.
1.    90° turn maneuver (5g)
2.    180° turn-around (5g)
3.    Snake-shaped maneuver (3g)
4.    Dive-hike with large angle (-40°)
5.    Continuous hover maneuver (3g)
6.    Equipped with infrared enhanced device simulate the infrared target
7.    Equipped with RCS to simulate the radar target
8.    Interference and electronic countermeasures
9.    Mixed formation flight capability of multiple aircrafts
10. Independently safety control and area safety control

  • Main technical indicators:
  • Length/ Wingspan 3.2m/1.4m
    Maximum take-off weight 120KG
    Max speed >180m/s (A)

    >230m/s (B)

    Ceiling 10000m
    Endurance >60min
    Mission payload 15kg
    Control radius >100km
    Max maneuver G-factor >5G
    RCS >0.005㎡
    Takeoff mode launched by a rocket booster
    Land mode recovered by parachute + airbag
    Service life more than 15 sorties
    Control mode: autonomous flight and remote control flight
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