High Speed Target Drone

T-400 Multifunctional high speed target drone

Product Overview

The small fixed-wing UAV system uses a dual-triangular advanced aerodynamic layout, which has excellent flight performance, with high flight speed, low stall performance, and long battery life.

1. Environmental adaptability
Maximum allowable wind speed: Class 6 Upwind speed: 18 m / s Downwind speed: 3 m / s Side wind speed: 4 m / s
Rainy weather: 20mm / h Temperature requirement: -20 to +55 ℃ Humidity: 5 to 95%
Resistant to salt spray: suitable for recycling at sea. Rinse with freshwater and spray desiccant when recycling at sea.
2. Reliability index
Launch reliability (or probability of successful launch): 95% (proficient operator) Recovery reliability (or probability of successful recovery): 90% (no hard rock, no obstacle conditions)
Lightning weather recovery rate: 50% Precipitation weather recovery rate: 80%
MTBF: 90 days MTBF: 10 hours MTBF: 10 hours
UAV service life: 60 flight hours (30 takeoffs and landings), 50 nondestructive takeoffs and landings (100 flight hours)
3.Maintenance index
MTTR: ​​2.7 hours
Average maintenance time/flight hours (ie, ground maintenance time required for every 1h in the air): 15 minutes
4. Mode of transportation
Generally, it is packed and transported. After the plane is packed, it is transported by the launch vehicle. At this time, the deployment time takes 30 minutes.
For short-haul transportation (400km), two aircraft fuselage (including avionics system) can be installed on the launch vehicle, and the wing packing is transported by the launch vehicle. At this time, the deployment time needs 20 minutes.
Ground stations and support equipment are transported by support vehicles.

Technical Specifications
UAV height 0.5m
Wingspan 2.74m length 3m
fuel gasoline
Weight 55 Kg
Mission load 15Kg
Control radius 50Km
RF frequency range 410 ~ 460 MHz
Working height 50 ~ 4000m
Cruising speed 320 Km / h
Flying speed 126 ~ 432 Km / h
Maximum pneumatic overload 20g
Endurance 2h
Take-off method Ejection
Ejection speed 126 ~ 152 Km / h
Landing method: parachute
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