Target Drones

250 high speed target drone

Main Specifications

boundary dimension 4.6m×1.8m 
Max Take-off weight >300kg 
Mission payload >30kg 
Max level speed >250m/s 
Max flight altitude >10000m
Min flight altitude
≯ 30m(land)
≯ 10m(at sea)
Max take-off altitude >4500m
Endurance >60min
RCS 0.03m²/0.2m² 
Control radius >100km
by Daniyal Suhail Malik
Jun 06,2021
Offering of our Drone Launcher and 400N Micro gas Turbine Engine
We are a young company which was founded in 2017 to promote R&D in the engineering industry of Pakistan. The domains we focus on are Aerospace, Space, Defense, Naval and Maritime and Renewable Energy(Wind Turbines). In a short span of time we have been able to develop and test two products which are the Micro Gas Turbine of thrust rating 400N and a pneumatic target drone launcher which has been tested to launch drone up to 150kg at speeds of 55m/s. We are entering into the second phase to take orders from customers globally and would like to get into business with your company either as a supplier of these products(if you require) or as partners where you can help identify potential customers for our products. Looking forward to hearing from your end soon. Regards, Daniyal Suhail Malik SoluNox Private Limited

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