FH100A High Speed Target Drone

FH100A high speed target drone is a well known scoring specialist since 2005. Our acoustical scoring products have been delivered to customers in more than 40 countries all over the world.

FH100A high speed target drone is used for air defense/air force operation training and missile system development andevaluation. It features stealthiness, high maneuver, low RCS,low IR emission and super low alitude capabilities, and can be used for reconnaissance, decoy and EMS missions after modification. Its high performance, reliability and availablity have been verified through deployment in large quantity.
High Speed Target Drone
High Speed Target Drone
Technical Indicators
Length 4.05m
Wingspan 1.8m
Max Speed 1000km/h (5,000 m MSL)
Altitude 30mAGL to 12,000m MSL
Sea-skimming Altitude 2.5m AGLSpecial altimeter is required
Maneuverability 8g (5,000m MSL)
Endurance Up to 60 minutes
Operating Radius Up to 300 km(intervisibilty)
Control Mode Autonomous and Remote control
Launch Method Rocket-assisted
Recovery Method Parachuteand Airbags
Payload Capacity Over30kg
Fuel RP-3
Overhaul life 20 sorties
Payloads Jammer , Seeker Simulator , Infrared or Chaff Jamming Bombs, Active or Passive Radar Augmentation, Light Tracer, etc.
Typical tactical maneuvers Lateral Maneuver, S Maneuver, Half Roll, Barrel Roll ,Multil aircrafts coordination fleet, etc.横向机动、S机动、半侧倾、滚桶、多机协调机队等。
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