CH-220 High Speed Target Drone

The CH-220 high-speed target has excellent integrated aerodynamic layout design and high subsonic flight capability at medium and low altitude. The RCS radar scattering area is small, which is conducive to the firing training of high subsonic and low radar characteristic targets by air defense missile forces. Lomborg balls can be added inside the nose to increase the radar scattering area to simulate the characteristic effects of different targets. The lower part of the fuselage can carry a tracer tube and a decoy bomb, which is convenient for the effective capture and shooting training of infrared guided weapons. The whole system adopts modular design, and the spare parts have high interchangeability, which is convenient for overhaul and maintenance in later use.

Typical application scenarios:
High speed targets of artillery and missiles;
Simulated cruise missile
Radar detection;

Main indicators
Wingspan: 1520mm
Length: 2900mm
Diameter: 282mm
Maximum takeoff weight: 60kg
Flight time: 40min
Flight speed: 70-220m / S
Flight altitude: 100-3000m
Maximum load: 10kg
Takeoff mode: Rocket boost
Landing mode: parachute
Engine: jetcat P400 engine
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