High Speed Target Drone SNT-150 (Basic type)

Poduct description
SNT-150 is a medium-speed target aircraft, which takes into account the training and equipment testing of the navy, army, and air force. It has the functions of one-button electric start of the engine, pre-planning of routes, re-planning routes and online switching of routes, and supports one-stop multi-aircraft formation coordinated flight, which can simulate the flight characteristics and combat situation of aircraft and cruise missile targets, and meet the elementary training and equipment of the army Test the needs of aerial targets.

Static parameter index
Captain: 2.9m
Wingspan: 1.4m
Take-off weight: ≥80kg
Take-off method: land-assisted take-off/ship-borne assisted take-off
Recovery method: Land parachute recovery

Basic flight performance
Maximum level flight speed: ≮160m/s
Maximum flying altitude: ≮9000m (altitude)
Endurance: ≮60min
Measurement and control radius: ≮150km
Formation capacity: ≮16 aircraft at one station, distance between aircrafts>30m
Formation style: group formation, high-density formation, continuous multiple targets, simultaneous arrival in multiple directions

Target characteristics simulation
Load weight: ≮6kg
Load type: tracer tube, lumber ball, etc.
RCS characteristics: 0.1m2~3m2 (adjustable)
Motorized overload: ≮3g

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