CH-01D High Speed Target Drone

CH-01d high-speed target aircraft is a high-performance high-speed target aircraft, which has the characteristics of long endurance, large load capacity, stable flight, high safety, high pressure route accuracy, all-weather flight and so on. It can simulate the target characteristics of the third generation fighter and cruise missile. As an over the horizon air target, it is used in the acquisition and tracking training of radar and photoelectric system, air-to-air missile weapon system, shipborne and ground air defense missile interception system, anti-aircraft artillery firing training and other fields. The target plane adopts rocket assisted zero length launch. The self driving system has the functions of control, recording, storage, analysis and extraction. At the same time, it can be recovered at a fixed point and can be reused for many times.

Key parameter index
1. Maximum level flight speed: 155m / S (flight speed controllable)
2 level flight altitude: 60m (relative) ~ 9000m (altitude)
3. Endurance time: ≥ 60min
4. Control radius: > 75KM
5. Maximum load weight: 10kg (one or more of the following load combinations can be selected for installation: tracer tube, Longbo ball, electronic jammer and infrared decoy bomb)
6. Number of UAVs simultaneously controlled: ≥ 5 (one station control, programmable formation flight, formation flight preparation time no more than 12 hours, and the minimum distance between formation and two UAVs can be up to 70 meters)
7 takeoff mode: Rocket boost
8. Service life: ≥ 11;
9. Recovery method: recovery umbrella + shock absorber airbag equipment
10 night navigation capability: have night navigation capability and mount night navigation indicator light
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