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UAV Fire Strike Control System XT-20

UAV Fire Strike Control System

UAV Fire Strike Control System XT-20

Fire Strike Control System includes servo PTZ which can realize yaw control and pitch control, can aim and lock the target synchronously with Uniaxial image stabilization aiming system to strike the target accurately.

Material:aviation aluminum alloy
Work range:-20°℃~60°C
Servo PTZ: Two-axial
Protection rank:IP43
Servo Control angle range:士10°( Yaw); -10°~3°( Pitch)
Angle jitter:±0.1°
Max torque:102nm

Time between launches:3s
Image PTZ: Uniaxial±30°(Pitch)
Pixels: 12 MP
Target tracking: Support
Automatic detection of target types: vehicles、ships、person etc
Minimum target size: 1.5pixel(detection)/20pixel (identify)
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