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Microwave Radiation Source

Microwave radiation source is a mission load that provides active radar radiation signals for shipborne weapon defense systems. It can be used as a target for passive radar interception and tracking of air defense missiles. There are two types of non-coherent microwave radiation sources and coherent microwave radiation sources.

The non-coherent microwave radiation source adopts a self-excited oscillation transmitter, which is composed of a transmitter extension and an antenna extension. The antenna extension adopts a vertically polarized pyramid horn antenna, and the antenna can be replaced to meet the needs of high-altitude target supply and low-altitude target supply. The magnetron used in the transmitter extension adopts cold cathode frequency agile magnetron technology, which does not require an external filament power supply circuit and does not require preheating, which improves the flexibility and reliability of the microwave radiation source. To monitor the working state, the transmitter increases the power level of the telemetry signal, detects the transmitted pulse envelope through the microwave detector, outputs the telemetry signal, and indirectly tests the transmitter output power by interpreting the signal amplitude.

The coherent microwave radiation source adopts the main vibration amplifying transmitter, which is composed of an antenna extension, a transmitter extension and a frequency integrated extension in series. The antenna extension adopts pyramid horn antenna and flat slit antenna. The key technology of coherent microwave radiation source lies in the use of solid-state power amplifier technology of the transmitter extension. The miniaturization design is fully considered in the design of the transmitter extension, and the radiation power of the radiation source is increased as much as possible in a limited space. The frequency synthesis extension adopts direct digital frequency synthesis technology to output the required radio frequency signal, and can realize the jump of each frequency point or output the fixed point frequency signal.

Technical data (A: non-coherent microwave radiation source; B: coherent microwave radiation source)
    A, B: 390mm
  Radial envelope size
    A, B: 330mm
  A, B: 23kg
    A: Ku-band
    B: X-band
    A: non-coherent
    B: coherent
  Agile bandwidth
    A: 300MHz
    B: 600MHz
  Pulse width
    A: 0.7
    B: 20
  Gain power product
    A: 50dBW
    B: 30dBW
  Working current
  A, B: ≤11A
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