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Airborne Payload Data Processing and Storage System

The system is a set of airborne payload data processing and storage equipment, which meets the airborne environmental adaptability and requirements of high reliability, high performance processing, high functional density, testability and easy maintenance. It adopts a general system architecture and standard specification modules, so as to realize the high reliability, short cycle and low cost of the airborne electrical system, which is conducive to the mass production of multiple models.

The system is a data processing and storage device in the airborne image acquisition payload. In the harsh environment of high maneuverability, high temperature, low temperature, and restricted space, it can complete the multiplexing, storage, and image high-speed data of the airborne camera image and flight status information. Real-time data display and transmission function, and realize the rapid disassembly and installation of equipment and the rapid export function of stored data.

(1) Provide 16-channel Cameralink Base image data input interface;
(2) Provide 2 channels of 10Gb Fibre Channel for fast export of terrestrial data;
(3) Communicate with airborne control equipment through 1 channel RS422 bus to receive flight attitude information;
(4) Realize the multiplexing and storage functions of image data and flight attitude information;
(5) According to the predetermined protocol, the thumbnail of each image is displayed in real time, and it is output through 1 GbE channel;
(6) Support real-time query of raw data (any frame of any channel), and output from the same channel as the thumbnail.
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