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Strapdown Inertial Navigation System HW-SN5000

Product Description:
HW-SN5000 inertial navigation system is a standard airborne strapdown inertial navigation system, which can meet the needs of large unmanned aerial vehicles, passenger aircraft and fighter aircraft for inertial navigation systems. The system is a complete integrated navigation system, including an embedded GPS receiver, which can output the aircraft's position, speed and attitude information in real time under the airborne dynamic environment. The system can work in two working modes: pure inertial and integrated navigation. .

     Adopt Chinese high-precision laser gyro and quartz accelerometer
     Seal reinforcement design
     Power-on self-test technology
     Static and dynamic base alignment technology
     Enhanced Kalman Filtering Algorithm
     Support the input of auxiliary navigation information such as external air data machine and magnetometer
     GPS/SINS Close Combination Technology

Application areas:
     Navigation of Large Drones
     Standard navigation equipment for large passenger aircraft and fighter jets
     High-precision and stable platform for special vehicles
     spacecraft navigation

Indicator Parameter
Preparation time Valid data start time ≤30s
Valid data start time ≤1min
Align time 5min ~ 8min
Position accuracy Pure inertia ≤1 (nmi nautical miles)/h (CEP)
GNSS accuracy ≤10m
Combined Navigation Location ≤10m
Speed accuracy Pure inertial velocity <0.8 m/s
Combined Navigation Speed <0.1m/s
Attitude accuracy Pure inertia horizontal attitude ≤0.05
Pure inertial heading ≤0.12°
GPS Integrated Navigation Horizontal Attitude ≤0.02°
GPS combined navigation heading <0.05
Gyro Accelerometer Zero bias stability 0.01°/h
Accelerometer Zero bias stability 30ug
  Temperature Sensor
  GNSS receiver
Interface features One RS422 interface
One RS485 interface
Electrical Characteristics Input voltage AC 220V 50Hz or +18V DC~+36VDC
Power <100W
Volume 325mmx200mm×200mm
Weight <15kg
Operating temperature -54C ~ +71°C
Reliability Waterproof and moistureproof Sealed enclosure
MTBF >2000h
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