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RZ-60 Gps Deceptive Jammer

RZ-60 GPS deception jammer can generate different types of interference waveforms to suppress, forward deception and combined interference to GPS receiver; For different civil GPS receivers, military GPS receivers, GPS military code direct acquisition receivers and GPS receivers equipped with adaptive zero adjustment antenna, it can be flexibly configured to produce different interference strategies to suppress interference or deceive interference.

Key indicators
Interference power: not less than 40W (adjustable)
Interference frequency points: L1 / L2 / L5 / B1 / B2 / B3, etc. (interference frequency points can be expanded)
Interference waveform: point frequency interference, broadband noise interference, pulse interference
White noise blocking jamming, forwarding suppression jamming, forwarding deception jamming and frequency sweep jamming
Jamming strategy: single point jamming or multi-point jamming
Jamming mode: suppression jamming, forwarding deceptive jamming and combined jamming
Receiving antenna: GPS dual band antenna
Transmitting antenna: Standard horn antenna

Dimension and weight
Volume of receiver equipment: length / width / height 270mmx200mmx50mm
Weight of receiver equipment: 2kg
Volume of jammer equipment: length / width / height 350mm x 230mm x 170mm
Jammer equipment weight: 14kg

Environmental adaptability
Operating temperature: - 40-55 ℃
Storage temperature: - 55-75 ℃

Note: the above index parameters can be customized or configured according to customer requirements.
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