Rainbow CH-802 Small Hand Thrown Launch Reconnaissance and Surveillance UAV

CH-802 drone is a fixed wing micro air vehicle (MAV) in conventional layout with elevated high-wing configuration and V-tail. CH-802 drone has a cylindrical fuselage and propulsion is provided by a two-blade propeller driven by a tractor brushless electric motor atop of the fuselage. CH-802 drone  is mainly intended for reconnaissance and surveillance missions. CH-802 drone  program begun in 2007 and was completed in 2008.

Wingspan (m): 3
Length (m): 1.8
Weight (kg): 6.5
Payload (kg): 1
Radius (km): 30
Normal operating altitude (km): 0.3 – 1
Normal radius (km): 30 – 50
Cruise speed (km/h): 60
Endurance (h): 2.5
Ceiling (km): 4
Launch: by hand

CH-5 Rainbow Drones of China: Features and Full Information
2017年7月22日 - CASC Rainbow (Cai Hong, abbreviated as CH) is the name of a series ... 5 CH-4 6 CH-5 7 CH-91 8 CH-92 9 CH-802 10 CH-803 11 CH-901.

CASC Rainbow. Технические характеристики. Фото. - Avia.pro
2016年9月1日 - CASC Rainbow CH-1 – базовая версия дрона;; CASC Rainbow CH-2 ... CH-803 – улучшенный аналог версии CASC Rainbow CH-802

ACCS arc-en- - CASC Rainbow - qwertyu.wiki
跳到CH-802 - CH-802 est une aile fixe véhicule aérien micro (MAV) dans la disposition classique à haute élevée configuration d'aile et

CASC Rainbow - CASC Rainbow - qwertyu.wiki
跳到CH-802 - CH-802 is een vaste vleugel micro luchtvoertuig (MAV) gebruikelijke inrichting met verhoogde hoog vleugelconfiguratie en V-staart

Ch-802 reconnaissance drone_百度百科
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation developed and officially won the bid to equip the Chinese military CH-802 hand-tossed UAV. The length is 1.75 meters, the wingspan is 3 meters, the load is 1 kg, the weight is only 6.5 kg, it is easy to carry, the endurance is 2.5 hours, and the cruising altitude is 300-1000 meters

CASC Rainbow. Specifications. A photo. - Avia.pro
2016年9月1日 - CASC Rainbow CH-1 - Basic version of the drone;; CASC Rainbow ... CH-803 - An improved version of ana logue CASC Rainbow CH-802
CH-802 Drone|Hand Thrown Launch UAV
CH-802 Drone|Hand Thrown Launch UAV

CH-802 Hand Thrown Launch UAV

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