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Sky Saker FX500 High Altitude and High Speed Reconnaissance UAV

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The Chinese-made Sky Saker FX500 reconnaissance UAV system adopts high speed UAV platform of low RCS (Radar Cross-Section) propelled by turbojet engine. It is equipped with GPS and INS combined navigation system, laser illuminator and can be loaded with such airborne mission equipment as multi-purpose opto¬electronic reconnaissance equipment, synthetic aperture radar and digital camera, etc. as required. The design of this new Chinese UAV seems very similar to the American Predator C.

As an advanced high altitude and high speed aerial platform with stealth performance, The Sky Saker FX5OO UAV has significant advantages in efficiency and covering area of reconnaissance missions, battlefield penetrability and battlefield survivability compared with traditional ground reconnaissance vehicle and low-speed reconnaissance UAV. It is especially suitable for key targets preliminary reconnaissance & survey, target location, target illumination, artillery fire correction, damage assessment, etc ..

Meanwhile, FX500 adopts exterior contour stealth design with small RCS (Radar Cross-Section) , which can effectively reduce the detection probability by enemy radar and avoid most air-defense fire, thus featuring strong field survivability.
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