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Sky Saker FX500 High Altitude and High Speed Reconnaissance UAV

The Chinese-made sky saker FX500 UAV system adopts high speed UAV platform of low RCS (Radar Cross-Section) propelled by turbojet engine. It is equipped with GPS and INS combined navigation system, laser illuminator and can be loaded with such airborne mission equipment as multi-purpose opto¬electronic reconnaissance equipment, synthetic aperture radar and digital camera, etc. as required. The design of this new Chinese UAV seems very similar to the American Predator C.

As an advanced high altitude and high speed aerial platform with stealth performance, The sky saker FX500 UAV has significant advantages in efficiency and covering area of reconnaissance missions, battlefield penetrability and battlefield survivability compared with traditional ground reconnaissance vehicle and low-speed reconnaissance UAV. It is especially suitable for key targets preliminary reconnaissance & survey, target location, target illumination, artillery fire correction, damage assessment, etc ..

Meanwhile, sky saker FX500 UAV adopts exterior contour stealth design with small RCS (Radar Cross-Section) , which can effectively reduce the detection probability by enemy radar and avoid most air-defense fire, thus featuring strong field survivability.

Payload: 50kg
Endurance:2 h
Maximum speed: 800 km/h
Altitude: 9,000 m.
 Payloads:  GPS+INS combined navigation system
                  TV reconnaissance equipment
                  Forward-looking IR reconnaissance equipment
                  Laser illuminator
                  Synthetic aperture radar
                  Digital camera 
                  Information transmission equipment, etc.

Pictures - Videos
sky saker FX500 UAV
sky saker FX500 UAV
sky saker FX500 UAV
sky saker FX500 UAV

China Ungkap Sky Saker, UAV Pengintai Turbojet
2019年1月30日 - Sistem UAV pengintai Sky Saker FX500 buatan China mengadopsi platform kecepatan tinggi dengan RCS (Radar Cross-Section) rendah yang

该机为南京航空航天大学研制的先进高速涡喷侦察无人机,名为Sky Saker FX500,“Sky Saker”是“天空猎隼”之意,官方中文名称“锐鹰”。南航“锐鹰

Mirip Predator C, China Luncurkan Drone Turbojet Sky Saker ...
2019年1月28日 - Sebagaimana dilaporkan Pakistan Defense 26 Januari 2019, Sistem Sky Saker FX500 buatan China mengadopsi platform UAV kecepatan

ShieldAfrica 2019: China unveils its Sky Saker FX500 turbojet ...
Army Recognition-2019年1月26日
Chinese-made Sky Saker FX500 turbojet reconnaissance UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Picture source NORINCO brochure) ...

“Success Confirmed” of Dynamic ShieldAfrica 2019
pany NORINCO unveil its new turbojet reconnaissance UAV (Unmanned Aerial. Vehicle) - the Sky Saker FX500. It is an advanced high altitude and high-speed.

Changsha Mysticl Bow Information Science and Technology ...
2019年3月20日 - It is reported that as the leading enterprise of the UAV industry in Pukou ... For example, the Flying Eagle FX500 high-speed UAV system with

الصين تكشف النقاب عن الطائرة بدون طيار الشبحية Sky Saker FX500
2019年1月27日 - كشفت الشركة الصينية نورينكو NORINCO (شركة الصناعات الشمالية الصينية) عن طائرة استطلاع بدون طيار UAV من نوع Sky Saker FX500 في ...

Chinese-made Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) / Drones -
2019年1月9日 - The Chinese-made Sky Saker FX500 reconnaissance UAV system adopts high speed UAV platform of low RCS (Radar Cross-Section
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