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      Zhong Tian Guide Control Technology Company (ZT Guide),   announced on 20 January that it has successfully completed the maiden flight of its Fei Long-1 (Flying Dragon-1 or FL-1) medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (MALE UAV).

    The prototype FL-1 uav – which was first unveiled at the Airshow China 2018 exhibition in Zhuhai and called the ‘Large Payload Long Endurance Universal Unmanned Transportation Platform’ – was launched from Pucheng Neifu Airport near Xi’an following 18 months of research and development (R&D) work by ZT Guide’s Zhong Tian Fei Long subsidiary, the company said in its statement.
by wanghai
Oct 31,2019
A private enterprise can achieve this level, indicating that China's UAV technology has reached a very high level.
According to the information released by Xi'an Aerospace Management Committee on January 21, on January 20, China's self-developed "feilong-1" large load long endurance general UAV completed its first flight in Pucheng Neifu airport, Shaanxi Province, and completed its first show in the air. It marks that the R & D of this product has been seriously broken, which is of milestone significance, and lays a solid foundation for further improvement of follow-up products and final delivery to users. The aircraft is developed for the urgent needs of international users for air logistics and freight, high-speed observation of the ground, border patrol, maritime search and rescue, loading sight finder and carrying fire-fighting bombs to stop forest fire prevention. In this flight process, the form of each fragmentary task fluctuates, and the technical parameters are consistent with the actual calculation and analysis, which effectively verifies the sensibility of the overall design scheme. It is reported that as an important part of the UAV sector of Zhongtian pilot and control, Zhongtian Feilong adheres to the concept of "being the pioneer of the air to air unmanned combat system" and shoulders the task of "building a global high-quality brand of military UAV, and providing forward-looking and differentiated air to air unmanned intelligent equipment for international users. It took only one and a half years from the project demonstration to the completion of the first flight of its large load long endurance general carrier platform, which invented the wonders of research and development of the same type of UAV in the world.

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