Fixed Wing Drones

KVD002 Drone

The KVD002 integrated reconnaissance and strike UAV system is an upgraded version of the Rainbow-4B UAV. The DB416 heavy oil piston engine used by the KVD002 integrated reconnaissance and strike UAV has a maximum take-off power of 120 kilowatts and an endurance capacity of 230. Hours and above, the payload is increased by 30%-50%, and the speed is 150-180 km/h.Flying altitude reaches 9000 meters (It far exceeds the strike height of individual air defense missiles),It can also easily fly up to 4,000 meters of airspace when fighting on plateaus.

The KVD002 integrated reconnaissance and strike integrated UAV is also equipped with a new generation of domestic synthetic aperture radar (SAR) under the belly. Compared with optical pods, radar is characterized by longer detection range, stronger recognition ability, and ability to cover a wider battlefield. At the same time, it is not susceptible to interference from clouds or bad weather. Coupled with the KVD002 integrated reconnaissance and strike wireless The amazing endurance of man and machine provides our army with sufficient battlefield information, allowing our army to better deploy and arrange combat plans on land.

The main performance of the KVD002 integrated surveillance and attack drone: the maximum take-off weight is 1.33 metric tons, and it can carry nearly 350 kilograms of weapons and equipment, including missiles, bombs, radars, cameras and civilian payloads
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