Fixed Wing Drones

FH-92A Reconnaissance & Attack UAV System

System Composition
FH-92A UAV system consists of aircraft, task payload, command and control vehicle, transport and launch vehicle, receiving system.

FH-92A UAV dimension
Product Introduction
The system is suitable for the field rapid maneuver operation. By using different task payloads, it can carry out surveillance and reconnaissance, target indication and fire strike, fire gun correction and damage effect evaluation, military mapping and navigation, electronic reconnaissance and confrontation, air communications relay, sensor deployment and other combat tasks.

Technical Specification
Max. take-off weight: 380kg
Max. payload weight: 75kg
Max. flight speed: 200km/h
Endurance: 8h
Ceiling: 5000m
Take-off/Recovery modo: Rocket boosting or wheel/Parachute or wheel

Product Features
  • Has high accuracy of target positioning and strong ability of target indicating and gun correction
  • Pure field equipment, carried and transported by shelter car, highly intelligent control
  • Convenient to deploy and recovery (It takes 1 hour to take off and 20 minutes t recover)

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