Fixed Wing Drones

FH-98 Large Transport UAV System

System Composition
FH-98 UAV system consists of vehicle sub-system, ground command and control sub-system. It is composed of unified and integrated support sub-system.
 FH-98 Large Transport UAV System

Product Introduction
The system can meet the requirements of remote delivery of materials in complex environment, and can be applied to military and civil logistics transportation, relief air-drop and other scenarios. It can greatly improve the logistics transportation efficiency of remote mountainous areas and third and fourth tier cities, and reduce the cost of air transportation. More widely, it can be applied in the fields of forestry and plant protection,
remote sensing mapping and so on, which meet the requirements of unmanned intelligent logistics system in the future.
Technical Specifications
Max. take-off mass: ≥5250kg
Max. payload weight: ≥1500kg
Max. flight speed: ≥256km/h
Cruising speed: 140~180km/h
Endurance time: 26h
Max. take-off altitude: 4500m
Take-off/Recovery mode: Wheel (Autonomous)
Product Features
Heavy load
Short take-off and landing distance
Strong environmental adaptability
Simple operation and maintenance
cCTV1、CCTV4、CCTV7、CCTV13and other CCTVs, local channels, network media and new media (totally more than 70 media) reported on the demonstration of FH-98 flight test.

Demonstration Application
  • ln the June of 2019, the training mission of UAV transport and strategic support was demonstrated. It is the first time that a large-scale UAV achieve the load of more than 500 kg and the distance of more than 500 km ("double 500" breakthrough).
  • ln the November of 2019, the first large-scale, heavy-duty and off-site transfer mission was implemented. The system completed the mission twice in one day, which fully shows the key technologies of the large-scale unmanned transport system before it is put into commercial operation.

The development of the Feihong-98 UAV is based on the Yun-5-B transport aircraft
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