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BZK-005C Reconnaissance Strike UAV

BZK-005C  is an integrated surveillance and strike drone, which is based on the original advantages of the bzk-005 medium-altitude and long-range unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, combined with more than 10 years of experience in use, and has been optimized in structure and equipped with weapon systems.The target exercise further demonstrated the adaptability of drones in complex environments. During the target exercise, different types of bombs and missiles were dropped and launched many times, which fully verified the superb strike capability of BZK-005c. Especially in a target test, the strike precision, strike effect and attack difficulty were higher than other domestic uav of the same order, which was highly recognized by the industry experts.

While continuing the advantages of the BZK-005 series uav, the BZK-005c optimizes the aerodynamic, structural and system design according to the operational requirements of the complex environment, further improving the short-range takeoff and landing performance, and being able to take off and land on the earth runway, improving the battlefield adaptability In the process of loading weapons and fire control systems, advanced integrated control technologies of flight control and fire control are adopted to enable the uav to automatically complete the target attack during the strike process, which greatly reduces the operational difficulty of flight controllers and weapon controllers, and enables them to seize the aircraft in time to achieve rapid strike. Compared with similar drones, the BZK-005c has the characteristics of large weapon load, with the maximum weapon load exceeding 300kg. In particular, it can load 100kg weapons, and it can attack multiple targets in one flight. And the use of general, standardized design, can mount a variety of systems, different levels of missiles, bombs.

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