Fixed Wing Drones

Sky-100 Long endurance drone combines reconnaissance and attack


Mount according to user task requirements
The LANCET Mini 6KG laser-guided bomb
The LANCET 12KG laser-guided bomb
The LANCET plus 16KG laser-guided bomb

Guidance accuracy: CEP lm

      Flight-controlled autonomous take-off and landing, with the mission of all terrain complex environment  reconnaissance and strike , can carry a variety of reconnaissance, laser radiation/ranging, electronic countermeasures equipment and electronic countermeasures and small ground assault weapons. It can be used for surveillance, reconnaissance and ground attack. It can also be used for stability maintenance, counter-terrorism, border patrol and island patrol.
Body length 4.9m Engine Linmach DL550EF
Wingspan 10.75m Endurance 12-24h
Mission pay load 100kg Cruising speed 130-180km/h
Flight Altitude Ceiling is 5000 m Take-off mode Take off and land in wheel style
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