Fixed Wing Drones

Skywalker All Terrain Fixed Wing Drone System

     Skywalker drone adopts the layout of double vertical tail, high lift flat tail and engine rear. The whole aircraft adopts high-strength carbon fiber composite material, with good body strength and rigidity. Moreover, it also adopts short ejection take-off and landing method with vertical rope block recovery. The process of take-off and landing does not depend on the runway and the site is highly adaptable, enabling the fixed-wing drone to carry out flight missions on the land complex terrain, vehicle-mounted vehicles, islands and carrier-borne mobile platforms.

Trailer recovery system

Trailer type recovery system has the characteristics of high cost performance, simple structure and small storage space. It can quickly operate under the complex terrain of ships, islands and land.
Height of recovery rope 14m
Length of storage 5.5m
Width of storage 1.6m
Height of storage 2.2m
Total weight of the system About 2T
Transportation form Trailers

EC25 Rubber elastic power catapult


        Elastic power catapult adopts high strength elastic rope as power source, simple operation and maintenance, high cost performance. It can be used for ejection takeoff of 15~25kg fixed wing drone

Length  of Spread 6m
Length of storage 2m
The ejection Angle 6 ~ 12 ° can be customized
Weight of ejection ≤25kg
Away from the track speed 19~23m/s
The total weight of the system <100kg

Integrated vehicle ejection recovery system

Integrated vehicle ejection recovery system, developed by xi 'an exploration eagle aviation technology co., ltd. and CSIC sea air intelligent equipment Co., Ltd. With the purpose of improving the operational mobility of the fixed wing drone, it can realize rapid response, rapid deployment, withdrawal and rapid transfer in the application fields such as border patrol, counter-terrorism and emergency relief. Vehicle system integration: intelligent pneumatic catapult device, hydraulic rapid recovery system, auxiliary crane, vehicle uninterrupted power supply system and night operation lighting system, with high integration, high mobility and other characteristics

PCTM60 pneumatic catapult


       By using the expansion of the high-pressure gas to do work, the traction of the drone catapult car to obtain a certain speed off the orbit. Compared with the elastic dynamic catapult, it has the characteristics of high ejection stability, good ejection parametric control, high ejection velocity, high ejection capability, low ejection overload and little influence by ambient temperature.
        PCTM60 is equipped with intelligent "foolproof" control terminal, which can automatically set the ejection pressure according to the ejection weight and deorbit speed.
Length  of Spread 6.5 m
Length of storage 4m
The ejection Angle 4°~15° can be customized
Weight of ejection ≤60kg
The total weight of the system <1T(including air compressor and generator)
Transportation form Trailer/truck type


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