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Medium altitude long endurance reconnaissance unmanned aircraft NV-1600K

 medium altitude long endurance reconnaissance unmanned aircraft

Product advantage
Outstanding performance: the ultimate endurance, large load, wide range of operations, suitable for the implementation of various aviation operations
Collaborative operation: with multi-target control function, 2~3 UAVs are controlled by a ground base station at the same time to complete combat tasks cooperatively
Industrial standard: the system has undergone sensor, high and low temperature, heat and humidity, salt spray and buffeting tests before leaving the factory, ensuring the safety of transportation and use in harsh environment, and completing reconnaissance tasks in high altitude, moderate rain and bad weather
Wide application: UAV platform can carry different loads to achieve a variety of functions, to meet the needs of industry users in different scenarios, and can provide customized services for industry users

Technical parameters
Size: 3030 mm / 9924/15800
Maximum take-off weight: 1600kg
Control radius: 1000km
Endurance: 30h
Cruising speed: 225km/h
Maximum climbing speed: 35m/s
Payload type: three-in-one electro-optical pod/radar ecM system/weapon mount
Maximum take-off altitude: 4000m
Maximum flying altitude: 7000m
Airframe construction life 8000 flight hours /10 years
Body material: composite material, 2024-T4 aluminum
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