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Firefox Rocket Sled Booster Engine Series

Product description
It has the characteristics of resistance to harsh vibration environment, high reliability, and flexible combination. It can be applied to rocket sleds with various mission requirements such as hundred meters to ten kilometers orbits and subsonic speeds to 10 Ma.

Technical characteristics
Solve the pain points of poor versatility and reliability of the rocket sled power system, which cannot adapt to the working environment of the rocket sled; adopting the technology of recovery and cleaning and recharging of the combustion chamber shell, the easy-to-maintain reusable rocket sled booster engine is developed, which greatly improves Improve product effectiveness.

Burnable ignition tube body
High safety margin design
Combined power system
Easy to maintain and repeatable

Product parameter
Model    301
Average thrust: 70kN
Working time: 12s
Total length: 4300mm
Diameter: 303mm
Total impulse: 840kN·s
Total weight: 520kg
Application scenario: Long track (≥3km) subsonic rocket sled

Model 22
Average thrust: 6.1kN
Working time 2.3s
Total length: 600mm
Diameter: Φ122mm
Total impact: 14kN·s
Total weight: 13.5kg
Application scenario: Short-track orbit (1.5km~3km) rocket sled

Model 77
Average thrust: 400N
Working time: 3.5s
Total length: 297mm
Diameter: Φ77mm
Total impact: 1.4kN·s
Total weight: 1.8kg
Application scenario: Miniature (≤1km) rocket sled

Application scenario: a rocket sled test

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