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Missile Engine Types

Product description of Missile Engine
The missile engine can be applied to a variety of missile platforms such as large and medium-sized, small and micro air-to-surface missiles, air-to-air missiles, surface-to-air missiles, etc. It has the characteristics of multi-stage thrust, high mass ratio, less smoke and less flame.

Technical characteristics
Low-feature propellant, infrared radar, etc. signal obscuration rate 70%
Multi-stage and multi-thrust design with multi-stage charge and complex type design
Super high-strength material, high-performance propellant, domestic first-class performance
Product parameter of Missile Engine
Model 220B
Average thrust: 35kN/4kN
Working time: 5s/35s
Total length: 3196mm
Diameter: 220mm
Total impulse: 320kN·s
Total weight: 223kg
Application scenario: Hypersonic target missile engine

Model 180
Average thrust: 3.4kN/0.6kN
Working time: 1.6s/31s
Total length: 635mm
Diameter: Φ180mm
Total impact: 24.6kN·s
Total weight: 19.5kg
Application scenario: UAV mounted missile engine, hypersonic missile engine

Model 360
Average thrust: 60±12%kN(20℃)
Working time: 14s
Total length: 2700mm
Diameter: 360±2mm
Total impact: ≥840kN.s
Total weight: 450±10kg
Application scenario: A missile booster engine

Missile engine products can be customized

Application scenario: a certain type of UAV mounted missile

Missile Engine
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