CH-180B High Speed Target Drone (low cost)

CH-180B high speed target drone is a medium to high altitude, high speed, small reflective surface unmanned platform, the aircraft can be pre-programmed to control the way of autonomous flight, with high control precision, simple operation, flexible use, convenient maintenance and other characteristics. And now the determine product norm and shape.

The drone can be used as a 100m-10000m altitude level system calibration and target test target as well as various high-speed air test projects. At the same time, due to its unique aerodynamic shape design, it has a strong carrying capacity.

The aircraft flight control system is simple, good quality control parameters, the flight performance is stable, the plane to RCS before 0.01 ㎡, implements the altitude from 100 meters to 9600 meters, the maximum speed of 650 km/h, air flight to reach 60 minutes when whole airspace, high dynamic range, a long-endurance flight performance requirements, the maximum can carry 8 kg load, full load condition of 2g mobile, no-load condition 4 g maneuvering flight, and it can realize the different level of single station 4 formation flying machine.

Technology Specifications
Length 2.3m
Wingspan 1.98m
Max mission payload 8kg
Max Take-off weight 62kg
Endurance 60min
Practical ceiling 9600m
Max flight speed 650 km/s
Cruising flight speed 300-500km/h
Stalling speed 120km/h
Sortie Single station four drones 
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