LW-30 Laser Weapon System


The system is mainly used for key point or fiold air defense, capable ofimplementing hard kill to typical targets like UAVs, and soft and hard kill tophotoelectric detection equipment and guidance quipment.

 Alternative operation mode to be single-vehicle or multi-vehicle networking
High accuracy,quick reaction, low cost of firing and strong combatsustainability

The LW-30 uses a high-energy laser beam to destroy targets ranging from drones and guided bombs to mortar shells. It features high efficiency, rapid response, a good hit rate and flexibility, according to CASIC.

An LW-30 combat unit is composed of one radar-equipped vehicle for communications and control on the battlefield, at least one laser gun-carrying vehicle and one logistical support vehicle.

The laser gun can be deployed with close-in weapons systems and air-defense missiles to form a defensive network free of blind spots, the company said.

It said that in a typical scenario, the LW-30's radar will scan, detect and track an incoming target before transmitting the information to the laser gun. The gun will analyze the most vulnerable part of the target and then direct a laser beam onto it. Destruction takes place in a matter of seconds.

Output power:30kW
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