Silent Hunter Anti Drone System

Silent Hunter laser weapon system is an advanced weapon designed and manufactured by China to deal with small and low-altitude targets, which can be carried by trucks, pickups and other motor vehicles. As the laser velocity is much faster than a missile, it can be used against mortars and cruise missiles as well as drones.

The basic parameters of Silent Hunter laser weapon. The system is mainly composed of laser transmitter, battery storage and several electronic terminals, with range of the system within 800~4000m, which is able to have output power of 5KW~30KW and can hit multiple targets at the same time.
Silent Hunter Anti Drone System

The system adopts fiber laser. With output power of 30KW, Silent Hunter can burn through five-layer of 2mm steel plates at 800m, or 5mm steel plates at 1000m, which is perfect for thin metal or composite drone wings.

The technology of fiber laser has a lot of advantages, such as low capital cost, mature technology, quick heat dissipation, low loss, high stability, maintenance-free, multi-bands, green environmental protection, etc. It is quite friendly to our country with developed optical fiber technology, and there is a good environment adaptability, high tolerance to dust, oscillation, impact, humidity and temperature, and very durable.

The cost of DIY suicide drone in the Middle East is very low and with a camera and a small bomb tied on model airplane, can conduct low-altitude penetration. It can be manufactured and flown in large quantities to strike various military bases and oil refineries. A few thousand dollars can cause millions of dollars of damage to the enemy, but the application of laser weapons can greatly reduce such losses. The royal Saudi air defense forces bought this Silent Hunter laser weapon from China to deal with such cheap drones, which successfully and completely destroyed intercepted 13 suicide drones. The actual combat has proved the laser weapon is very reliable. For the hundreds of dollars anti-aircraft missiles, the laser weapon are highly lethal against these low-altitude suicide drones.
Saudi Arabia Silent Hunter

Silent Hunter can be placed at the commanding heights of high-value facilities, or cloudless desert areas with the cooperation of low-altitude blind radar, high-altitude early warning radar and light point fire control system, which can play its maximum power. Once locked, there is almost no possibility to escape.

Compared with traditional air-defense weapon, Silent Hunter with low-altitude laser air-defense system, has the following characteristics: 1. Fast response speed, is able to hit the target as expected to; 2. high interception hit rate and multi-target strike ability, which can complete the switching and aiming of target within 6s; 3. low cost, it only consumes electricity and costs less than a dollar for a single firing power, which does not use ammunition at the same time to spare the trouble of ammunition transportation and storage. Furthermore, it has little collateral damage, which will not be a lot of debris.

At present, Silent Hunter laser weapon system has provided four power modes, which are 5kW, 10kW, 20kW and 30kW. The interception radius increases from 200m to 4000, and the range of target acquisition is over 4000m, which can intercept targets within 2m in diameter and flight speed of less than 60 m/s. The low-altitude laser air-defense system has two versions, which are vehicle-mounted mobile and stationary. The vehicle-mounted can be installed on a 6X6 wheeled chassis while the stationary can be separated into independent parts of up to 200kg each for easy transportation or mounted on top of a building.

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