Anti-UAV Laser Weapon System 3KW (GRL-300)(Low Cost)

Anti Low Altitude Target Electro-Optical System

The typical suppression system against low-altitude UAVs detects, provides alarms, precisely tracks, electronically jams and attacks (using laser) any UAVs, model airplanes, Kongming lanterns and kites. The system consists of the command & control, search, track & pointing, interference, destroying, communication, power supply & distribution and vehicle. It is used to protect crucial places such as the office for the party committee/ government, airport, and the places for important meeting and massive gathering.

Typical Targets

Protection Range

Main Sub-System

Main Combat Technical lndexes

1. Alert means: radar and infrared ray
2. Track means: infrared, visible light
3. Electronic interference effect: expel, force landing, return
4. Laser interference effect: suppression, blind
5. Laser damage effect: ablation, crash
6. Protection area: radar radius 5km, photoelectric radius 1.5km (typical targets)
7. Laser damage distance:≮ 1km(typical targets)
8. Electronic interference distance: ≮ 2.5km(typical targets)
9. Comprehensive countermeasure success rate: ≮ 95%(1min)
10. System  power guarantee: powered by the mains or power plant 11. System security: the electromagnetic radiation does not impact the civilian mobile communication and navigation, and does not result in harm to the persons in vehicle during operation of the searching radar and communication equipment. The distance measure laser is safe to the eyes.

The Effect Diagram of System Composition and Main Equipment

Command &Control Vehicle

Electronic Defense Vehicle

Electro-Optical Defense Vehicle

The Diagram of Vehicle

Electro-Optical Defense Vehicle

Electronic Defense Vehicle
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