SD-10A Laser Weapon System

The SD-10A laser clearance system uses advanced optoelectronic technology. Through radar search and initial tracking, optoelectronic system precise tracking, and high-energy laser precision strike, it can destroy small hover-wing drones in a few seconds.

It is understood that the system has incomparable advantages such as fast response, light-speed strike, and straight-line action, and can be widely used in both military and civilian fields. In the military, it can be used for counter-reconnaissance, drone swarm defense, low-altitude defense of key areas, and laser interception; in civilian use, it can be used to implement low-altitude drone surveillance on important places such as embassies, nuclear power plants, oil depots, government buildings, and museums. Human-machine defense can also be deployed at civil airports to drive away various birds from airport runways and surrounding environments. It can also prevent drones and other low-altitude aircraft from "flying blindly" on civil routes, showing great use value.

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