Limbach L275E Engine

limbach L275E engine

Limbach L275E Engine Features

Two-cylinder, two-stroke boxer engine, air cooling, single magneto ignition, 2 carburettors, mixture lubrication

Limbach L275E Engine Specifications 
Power 16 kW / 7200 rpm
Displacement 274 cm3
Weight 7.2 kg with magneto ignition
Fuel 90 RON (unleaded) / AVGAS 100 LL – oil mixture
1:25 for mineral oil or 1:50 for synthetic oil
Optional accessories Heat sinks (+0.6 kg), shielded ignition cables, exhaust connecting piece, various crankshaft versions

The upgraded version of Limbach L275E Engine is Limbach L275EF Engine, made in China。

Each limbach L275E engine manufacturer is tested before leaving the factory. Can be equipped with propellers, generators and other accessories.

Limbach L275E Engine Application:
UAV, carrier aircraft, multi rotor, spinning wing, * * *, * * *, etc

Limbach L275E Engine Dimensions

Limbach L275E Engine  Power\Torque\SFC Curves

Limbach L275E Engine  Power\Torque\SFC Curves

Application case:

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