MD550 Piston Engine

The MD550 engine is a model aircraft/drone engine developed by Limbach, Germany, Now,the MD550 engine are made in China,
Four cylinder, horizontally opposed, air cooled, two cycle engine, with solid state magneto or battery ignition, mixture lubrication. Suitable for pusher and tractor installations.

MD550 Piston Engine Indicator Parameters


37 kW (50 HP) at 7500 rpm


66 mm / 2.60 inch


40 mm / 1.57 inch


548 cm3/ 33.44 cub. inches


Aluminum casting


Cam ground, casted aluminum alloy


Casted aluminum alloy, with Ceramic coating

Ignition system

Solid state magneto ignition

Firing Order

Both cylinders simultaneously


4 diaphragm all position carburetors, without choke


12 V, 0.3 kW


28 V, 1200 W

Dry weight approx

16 kg with magneto ignition


AVGAS 100LL or 90 RON mixed

Shielded ignition system, Long and short crankshafts, Exhaust stacks

MD550 Piston Engine Application Scenario

MD550 Piston Engine Dimensions

MD550 Piston Engine Dimensions
MD550 Piston Engine  Power\Torque\SFC Curves
MD550 Piston Engine  Powe Torque SFC Curves

MD550 Piston Engine NEWS
MD550 piston engine
Shahed 136's MD550 piston engine

The Shahed 136 drone, which weighs more than 200 kg, uses the MD550 piston engine. The output power of this four cylinder horizontally opposed air-cooled two-stroke engine has reached 50 horsepower, and its deadweight is only 16 kg. The larger and heavier witness - 136 naturally needs a stronger engine. At the same time, the piston engine can also ensure lower fuel consumption, so as to achieve a huge range of 2500 kilometers.

According to professional observation, Shahed 136's MD550 piston engine is a counterfeit

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