MDR 208 Engine

The MDR 208 engine is specially designed and developed for medium and large unmanned aerial vehicles. Compared with the traditional AR731/741 rotary engine, its combustion chamber is designed with ceramic plating, which not only prolongs the service life and reliability, but also greatly reduces the maintenance and repair costs.

Since there are few use cases of UAV rotary engines in China, we have a special person responsible for teaching how to use, maintain and repair. It enables users to get started as soon as possible and get rid of technical bottlenecks.
The MDR208 engine has highest power to weight ratio of any rotary engine in the world. It has been specifically designed and developed to be the ultimate engine for small target drones and short-life UAVs.

Iran's suicide UAV for MDR208 rotor engine

MDR208 engine Specifications

Engine Type

Single rotor Wankel-type spark ignition engine


208 CC chamber size


28 KW (38 HP ) at 7800 rpm


21.7 Ibs ( 9.9 kg )

Fuel Consumption          0.57 Ib/bhp/hr at max power, 0.52 Ib/bhp/hr at cruise

Vibration Levels

Nominally Zero radial vibration

Housing Cooling

Ram Air

Rotor Cooling

Ram Air

Direction of Rotation

Anti - Clockwise, Viewed on propeller mounting

Ignition System

Electronic contact-less magneto

Carburetors         Diaphragm - type with integrated pressure - pulse fuel pump

Fuel Type

Mogas Regular grade or AVGAS ( 100 LL )

Lubrication       Via fixed - flow oil metering pump supplied from separate tank

Spark Plug

2 pcs ( NGK CR9EK )


28 V 300 Watt


28 - 20

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