Military Anti Drone System

Interception UAV Swarm (IUS-300)

Interception UAV Swarm (IUS-300) adopts the composite guidance technology of ground non-vectored guidance and terminal autonomous guidance. It can be quickly launched from different ground platform without manual locking. Through the coordination of the leader aircraft and wingman, it can autonomously discover and accurately lock the target, and act as a “smart ammunition” to independently carry out terminal attacks. The swarm has better flexibility and is more economical, which can effectively make up for the shortcomings of existing countermeasures.
Multi-UAVs coordination to carry out complex combat missions
Modular design, can be equipped with explosives, net guns, jammers and other equipment to meet the needs of combat in different scenarios
Adopt swarm confrontation technology which provides group/swarm coping capability
Support multiple tubes launching at the same time, which can achieve a rapid launch capability of 1 sortie/second

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