Military Anti Drone System

Anti Drone Swarm-Distributed Low-altitude Protection System

Distributed Low-altitude Protection System  DLAPS-3000

The DLAPS-3000 Distributed Low-Altitude Protection System adopts networking detection concept, integrates heterogeneous sensors to provide systematic solution for detection, tracking and identifying of multi-directional, multiple models, and clusters/swarm targets in complex environments. Introduced with interception UAV swarm, jamming and spoofing methods, the system effectively adapts to urban, key site, accompanying and other safeguard requirements. The system can flexibly expand integration with laser, microwave, AAA, SAM and etc. to form an integrated fire network. Meanwhile, the system can be connected to the superior air defense system to make up for the short board of low altitude/ultra-low altitude defense capabilities.
Combined usage of radar, E/0 and RF, make up for the defects of single means
Deep fusion of data and signal processing, break through the performance limit
Distributed networking, dynamic random access and flexible system construction
Multiple means autonomous guidance and identification for multi-directional targets
Multi-site autonomous cooperation to avoid environment shielding
Various equipment form, flexible expansion and strong adaptability
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