Military Anti Drone System

Anti Drone Defense System

Manufacturer of anti drone defense system:China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation
The Anti Drone Defense System has a full skill set of "detection, reconnaissance, interference, control, interception and assessment" all types of UAVs. It provides a "comprehensive solution” to the key difficulties of countering the devices – usually that they are “too difficult to detect, too small to intercept and too costly to use air defence weapons."

“The Anti Drone Defense System can effectively achieve the efficient and coordinated use of multiple types of detection equipment and interception weapons and forms a comprehensive defence capability against all types of UAV targets ‘both near and far, high and low, with both hard and soft kill’,” the developer said.

“Hard kill” refers to physical attacks on enemy drones, while a “soft kill" is achieved by damaging their electronics or deploying blinding sensors, to which small drones are highly vulnerable.

Casic's early warning system for defense against UAVs includes the DK-1 low-altitude radar and electro-optical radar designed to find and track low-flying drones as well as their ground-based missile launchers.

The ZK-K20 Tactical Command System can operate medium- and long-range air defense assets to intercept large combat drones, as well as perform short-range countermeasures against medium, small or mini-drones, including drone swarms.

The intercept range includes a number of equipment options, including the HK-17AE short-range missile system, but most notable is the all-new FK-3000 platform, which has an off-road base that is an improvement over the previous version that can fire both anti-aircraft guns and missiles while traveling at 40 km/h.

System Composition 
Warning System:
DK-1 Low Altitude Detection Radar
JCL100 Gap-filling Radar
Sensors of Interception System
Command System
ZK-K20 Command and Control System
C&C of Interception System
WarLinkz Cloud
Interception System
HO-17AE Combat Vehicle
HQ-17AE Fire Support Vehicle
FK -2000 Combat Vehicle
FK -3000 Combat Vehicle
ZR-1500 Unmanned Ground Vehicle
LW-30 Laser Weapon
Aerial Net Interception System
Target neutralized at both long and short range, high and low altitudes
System selected as per requirements and connected randomly
Multiple sources fused Hard and soft kill coordinated
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