Military Anti Drone System

Anti-UAV Combat Terminal SmartGuard-3000

Based on Al and unmanned technology, the “Smart Guard" Anti-UAV Combat Terminal integrates radar, EO, electronic detection and other sensors and electronic jamming, navigation spoofing and other interception means to autonomously and coordinately realize the unmanned whole process of target detection, identification, tracking and disposal. The “Smart Guard” adopts conformal design with high integration, flexible deployment, and outstanding camouflage performance, can be used a single station or networked for coordinated combat.
Multiple sets of “Smart Guard" terminals can be deployed in distributed network to establish a networking system. Through autonomous coordination among stations, the system coordinate and dispatch detection and disposal resources of each station, establish a unified air situation, intelligently perform threats evaluation and interception assignment, fulfill the effectively response to multi-directional cluster or swarm saturation attacks.
Make up for the shortcomings of a single means, quickly and autonomously guide multiple means, and deal with multi-directional and multi-target threats at the same time
Algorithm models such as self-collaboration based on dynamic alliances, realize autonomous collaboration between stations and shield environmental shading
Deep integration of data processing and signal processing to break through the performance limit of a single package
The whole process from target discovery, identification, alarm to tracking is unattended
The number of sites can be flexibly deployed according to the protection area, and new nodes can be quickly connected to the network to build a low-altitude detection system
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