Military Anti Drone System

EM Sniper High-Power Microwave Denial System ZC-100

Application of Drone Denial System
Anti-terror operation, Protection of important strategic targets, such as airport, military harbour, administration buildings, nuclear power stations etc.
Specifications of Drone Denial System
Average power:5~10KW 
Operating range:500~1000m (stopping UAVs),50~100m(stopping vehicles),20~50m (stopping vessels) 
System weight:≤1t 
Antenna dimensions: ≤1.5×1.5m 
Beam angle: 3° 
Firing area: n×360°

Function of Drone Denial System
To cope with various land, sea and air threats during protection of strategic targets, anti-terror and response to contingencies, law enforcement etc. Able to stop vehicles within 50~100m,to stop vessels within 20~50m, and to stop UAVs within 500~1000m by high power microwave.
Highlights of Drone Denial System
Constructing the core module of microwave attack by incorporating key technologies of miniaturization of high-power microwave source and diffraction-free antenna. Target detection, identification and track, command and control modules may be provided according to the requirements of the customer.
Advantages: miniaturization, being non-fatal. engagement at speed of light, allweather operation.
Characteristics: only consuming electric power(unlimited "ammunition"),being general-purpose, being compatible with various platforms.
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