Fixed Wing Drones

CASIC HW-V210A Hybrid Vertical Takeoff and Landing Drone

1 Overview
HW-V210A Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) UAV flying platform boasts features of both fixed-wing planes and multi-rotor aircrafts, that is, long endurance and large control radius of the former and easy takeoff and landing and low requirements for sites of the latter. Integrated with multiple payloads, HW-V210A UAV can complete HD video capture and real-time back-transmitting tasks. It has been widely used in many areas including danger detection, technical investigation, border patrolling, search and rescue, manhunt, pavement monitoring and earthquake relief, and solved many problems of ordinary fixed-wing planes such as difficulty in takeoff and landing and complicated takeoff and landing operations resulting from terrain restrictions including in forests, in mountains, and on board.
2 System Components and Technical Indicators
HW-V210A hybrid VTOL UAV mainly consists of the aircraft platform subsystem, load subsystem, measurement, control and information transmission subsystem and ground support subsystem. See Figure 1 for the system chart.
Figure 1 System Chart of VTOL UAV

2.1 Main technical indicators of the system

1) Cruising speed: 80-110km/h;
2) Endurance: ≥4h (2kg load);
3) Service ceiling: ≥3500m;
4) Wind resistance rating: 5;
5) Maximum payload: 5kg;
6) Maximum takeoff weight: 27.5kg;
7) Unfolding configuration time: ≯20min.
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