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CASIC HW-350 Small-size Multi-purpose Long-endurance UAV

As a small-size, multi-purpose and long-endurance UAV, HW-350 is adopted streamline design. It features simple structure, light weight and small flight resistance. It has various competence in multi-payload mounting, quick response and long endurance mission execution.It can be used in air reconnaissance for a long time, especially in patrolling and mornitoring for long and narrow routes, such as highways, alpine canyons etc, in reciprocating or fixed-point monitoring for lakes, highlands and forests. It also can be used in many complicatd tasks, such as aerial photography, disaster investigation, environmental monitoring, geological prospecting.

Hw-350 uav system is composed of uav platform, command and control vehicle and ground support module. The whole uav adopts the aerodynamic layout of high-chord ratio and double-tail support, and the fuselage adopts the streamlined design of composite materials, with excellent aerodynamic efficiency, fast cruising speed and long endurance time. Hw-350 navigation and mission planning system can pre-bind the route, fully autonomous flight, and modify the route in real time. It also has abundant remote control instructions, which can change the flight action by uploading remote control instructions at any time, and multiple autonomous fault diagnosis, processing and protection to ensure the flight safety of uav.

  • UAV dimensions(length×wingspan×height): 5.45m×7.9m×1.1m
  • Max take-off weight: 220kg
  • Mission payload:10-50kg
  • Endurance: 24h
  • Ceiling: 5000m
  • Cruise height: 3000m
  • Cruise speed:120-160km/h
  • Wind Resistance Force: 6 Wind
  • Take-off mode: Automated wheel takeoff
  • Landing mode: Automated wheel landing

1、CASIC's HW-350 drone made its maiden flight
2、HW-350 Long endurance multi-use small drone makes first flight in China

HW-350 Small-size Multi-purpose Long-endurance UAV

1 Wsdom Ocean

The mission of the maritime emergency communication test system is mainly to realize the functions of fast communication recovery and communication enhancement. The small unmanned aerial vehicle has the characteristics of strong maneuverability, fully automatic control and long battery life, and cooperates with other systems such as the low-orbit satellite test system to form a three-dimensional emergency communication system integrating satellite, high-altitude, medium-low altitude, water surface and underwater. Realize the rapid establishment of network for maritime emergency communication system.

2 Emergency Rescue

Equipped with holographic multi-dimensional GIS high-resolution disaster data task system to quickly generate disaster image data. According to the demonstration scenarios put forward by the demonstration units of energy, civil affairs and surveying and mapping applications, the application demonstration will be carried out to verify the effectiveness of rapid sensing of information in the wide-area disaster environment.

3 Test and fly

In the development process of the Group's various models, it is necessary to carry out the flight verification test of key systems such as radar and navigation. With a small multi-purpose UAV as the platform, equipped with radar seeker, navigation and other equipment, and carrying out scientific research and flying services, it can effectively reduce the cost of flying test, simplify the organization and coordination procedures of flying missions, improve scientific research efficiency, and quickly obtain economics. An effective means of benefit.

4 Reconnaissance and strike

With a small multi-purpose drone as a platform, it is equipped with a dedicated photoelectric reconnaissance pod and a small guided weapon of no less than two (10kg). It has strong multi-target strike capability, low procurement and maintenance costs, and can effectively seize the current international The military market has a low-speed market share of the integrated UAV system.

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