HJ-8 Anti-tank Guided Missile

The HJ-8 anti-tank missile is the second-generation anti-tank missile developed by China itself and was finalized in 1984. The missile adopts optical aiming and tracking, infrared semi-automatic guidance, and wired transmission instructions. The control method is gas spoiler, tube launch. The missile uses a variety of launch platforms, which can be launched by infantry, tracked and wheeled launch vehicles, helicopters, etc.

Structural features
The HJ-8 missile is the second generation anti-tank missile of our army. The missile weighs 11.2kg, has a diameter of 120mm, and a total length of 875mm. , used to attack armored targets or fortifications within the range of 100-3000 meters, it is a tube-type launch, optical tracking, wired semi-automatic infrared guided missile, the rate of fire is 2-3 rounds/min, and the thickness of the warhead armor is about 800 mm, the hit probability is 90%, and it can be launched from kneeling or using a tripod on the ground. Our army’s rapid reaction force installed the missile on the Beijing 212 4X4 off-road vehicle to form a light anti-tank missile launch vehicle.

Model Evolution
As a basic model, the minimum range is 100 meters and the maximum range is 3000 meters. It consists of a barrel-mounted missile, an infrared optical sight and goniometer, a tripod launcher, and an electronic command device.

The main difference from the basic model "Red Arrow 8A" is only in the structure of the missile, which can use a new polymer-charged warhead.

The third model, which differs from the "Red Arrow 8C", was produced with modifications not only to the missile, but also to individual modules and all components, resulting in a full-fledged anti-tank missile weapon system. Compared with the basic model, the main advantages are: when using the basic launcher, the maximum range is increased to 4000 meters, the stereotyped system can be replaced, the missile command is changed to digital transmission, an embedded electronic self-checking system is installed, and for night and poor visibility conditions Effective use under the installation of PTI-32 thermal vision collimator (target detection distance 4000 meters, recognition distance 2000 meters, weight 8 kg), installation of new tandem warheads for penetrating reactive armor, missile hit probability and weapon system reliability The reliability has been significantly improved, the material technical support and maintenance system, and the operator training system are relatively complete. It can be effectively used under three kinds of launching platforms. It can be used portablely with a tripod launcher, and can be installed on land-based carriers and helicopters.
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