HJ-10 Anti-tank Missile

Red Arrow-10(HJ-10) is a multi-purpose fiber-guided heavy-duty multi-purpose missile. The official model is AFT-10 (A stands for missile, FT stands for anti-tank). It can strike a variety of targets. It is the most powerful anti-tank missile in my country's active service and foreign trade. It is mainly mounted on tracked chassis and wheeled vehicles, and its shape is also a loitering bomb capable of long-distance flight. It is mainly used with heavy armored vehicles to attack enemy armored targets and fortification bunkers. . The Hongjian-10 missile adopts the guidance method of optical fiber transmission image, which can accurately strike over-the-horizon targets such as tanks, permanent fortifications, and helicopters flying at low altitude and low speed. It has epoch-making significance in the development of anti-tank missiles of the People's Liberation Army.
Basic parameters:
It adopts double-chamber double-thrust solid rocket motor, guidance mode of TV/infrared image and optical fiber transmission, and can choose the guidance mode of fire-and-forget or manual remote control. The total combat weight is 76 kg, and the maximum range is 10 kilometers. Kilometers, the maximum flight time in the air is 60 seconds, using a series of energy-gathering armor-piercing warheads, using two attack methods, one is to attack the enemy at a flying height of 200-300 meters, and the other is to directly attack local targets by flying at low altitude.
The current HJ-10 anti-tank missile is mainly installed on the tracked chassis of the ZBD-04A infantry fighting vehicle.
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