C-705 Anti-Ship Missile

The new C705 anti-ship missile weapon system is suitable for multi-platform loading such as airborne, boat-borne, and land-based motor vehicle platforms. It is used to strike medium-sized sea targets above frigates and above, and has land attack capabilities.

The C-705 anti-ship missile has the ability to plan waypoints; at the same time, it also has the characteristics of small size, light weight, long range, high power, high hit accuracy, and strong anti-interference ability.

C-705 anti-ship missile features:
High hit accuracy and strong defense penetration ability
A variety of target selection methods, silent flight after capturing the target, and has a variety of anti-jamming measures
One bomb with multiple uses, route planning, and flexible combat use

Although the C705 anti-ship missile does not serve our Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy, we can export it to other countries. It is reported that this weapon is very popular for export. China has received many foreign orders. The country that has benefited the most from this export of weapons is Indonesia. Indonesia has assembled c705 anti-ship missiles and achieved good results in actual tests, and has won many praises from the military!
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