TL-2 Air-to-ground Missile

The TL-2 air-to-surface missile was developed by China.The TL-2 air-to-ground missile is developed to meet the needs of small-and-medium sized reconnaissance/strike UAV . The missile is mainly used for borders patrol, anti-terrorism, and safeguard. The operation targets include lightweight armored vehicle, simple fortifications, armed personnel, and small boat on water.


Range 4-7 km
Diameter of Missile Φ88 mm
Length of Missile 1,450 mm
Maximum Speed Mach 0.9
Guidance Mode INS + strapdown semi-active laser homing guidance
INS + platform-based semi-active laser homing guidance
Accuracy CEP≤ 3 m (INS + strapdown semi-active laser homing guidance)
CEP≤ 1 m (INS + platform-based semi-active laser homing guidance)
Weight of Mass 16 kg
Weight of Warhead 3.8 kg
Type of Warhead Fragment warhead
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