C-802 Anti-Ship Missile (YJ-2)

The YJ-2 (C802) anti-ship missile is very similar to the C801, but the length is increased, the engine is replaced by a turbojet engine, the performance of its radio altimeter is more perfect, and the power and maneuverability of the warhead have been improved. C802 missile series: shore-to-ship, ship-to-ship, and air-to-ship.
The C802 is a modification of the C801 missile. Replace the solid rocket motor with a turbojet motor to increase the range, and equip it on the Navy's new missile ships.

The C802 anti-ship missile uses radar active guidance, the flight altitude is 20-30 meters in the cruising section, and the flight altitude is 5-7 meters when approaching the target. The guidance system of C802 adopts inertial navigation + terminal radar. It is exactly like the French "Exocet", but with better performance.

C-802 missile specifications:
The overall length of the missile: 6.392 meters: the length of the second stage: 5.145 meters
Missile diameter: 0.36 meters
Wingspan: Expanded state: 1.22 meters Folded state: 0.72 meters
Total missile weight: 715 kg Second stage weight: 530 kg
Warhead weight: 165 kg
Level flight speed: Mach 0.9
Cruising altitude: 20 meters Secondary height reduction: 7 meters for high sea conditions and 5 meters for low sea conditions
Effective range: 12-120 kilometers
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