KH-31 Missile / Х-31 Missile

The KH-31 missile (Russian: X-31 missile) is a supersonic air-launched tactical missile developed by the former Soviet Union/Russia. The Kh-31 was originally intended as an airborne anti-ship missile. Among several variants being, the KH-31P anti-radiation missile is the most famous one, which also has a target variant. 

The Kh-31 missile is powered by an integrated solid rocket ramjet with a maximum speed of Mach 3.5. Launched via airborne radar guidance, which is the first supersonic anti-ship missile that can be launched by a tactical aircraft. The Kh-31 is available in two main variants: the Kh-31A (anti-ship version) and the KH-31P (Russian: X-31П; Anti-radiation versions), with different guidance methods (active/passive radar seeker) and warhead. The Kh-31 missile anti-ship variant, the Kh-31A, was test-fired in 1982 and entered service in mass production in the late 1980s, while the anti-radiation variant, the KH-31P, was first shown to the public at the Dubai Air Show in 1991. 

In 1996 and 1999, the United States imported a batch of KH-31 missiles, which were converted into supersonic targets by McDonnell Douglas (merged into Boeing in 1997), named MA-31, for U.S. naval exercises use, but in 2001, Russia imposed restrictions on arms exports and could no longer obtain sufficient Kh-31 guided missile doby. 

During the August 2008 war between Russia and Georgia, Russian Air Force S-34 jets used Kh-31 missiles to strike Georgian radar stations. 

Manufacturer: Tactical Missiles Corporation/(Zvezda-Strela before 2002) 
Date of production :1982 

Basic specification 
Kh-31A :610 kg (1,340 lb) 
Kh-31P :600 kg (1,320 lb) 
Mod 1:4.700 m (15 ft 5.0 in) 
Mod 2 (AD/PD): 5.232 m (17 ft 2.0 in) 
360 mm (14 inches) 
HE shaped charge 
warhead yield 
Kh-31A :94 kg (207 lb) 
Kh-31P :87 kg (192 lb) 
Detonation mechanism: 
Impact detonation 
The first stage uses primary solid-fuel rockets, and the second stage uses ramjet engines 
Wingspan :914 mm (36.0 in) 
Operational range 
Kh-31A: 25 km - 50 km (13.5-27 nmi; 15.5-31 mi) 
Kh-31P: 110 km (60 nmi; 70 mi) 
Kh-31A/P :2,160-2,520 km/h 
(1,340-1,570 mph) 
MA-31: Mach 2.7 (low), Mach 3.5 (high) 
Guidance system 
Kh-31A: Active radar plus inertial navigation 
Kh-31P: Passive radar plus Inertial Navigation 
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