HJ-9 Anti-tank Missile

The Red Arrow-9 (HJ-9) anti-tank missile system is a new generation anti-tank weapon system produced in China, which can be used against modern main battle tanks and other armored targets. The HJ-9 anti-tank weapon system is a member of China's "Red Arrow" series of anti-tank weapon systems, and it is also the focus of attention of military experts and enthusiasts at home and abroad.
The launch guidance device of the "Red Arrow 9" anti-tank weapon system consists of an anti-tank launcher, a thermal imager, a TV goniometer and a laser launcher. The "Red Arrow" 9 anti-tank launch guidance device is advanced, using optical aiming, launch device launch, TV angle measurement, laser command transmission, three-point guidance and digital control technology. After launch, all the shooter has to do is keep his sights on the target, and the guidance device will automatically issue laser commands to control the flight to the target.
The launcher "Red Arrow" 9 anti-tank gun is usually installed in the launcher as a launcher and storage packer for easy maintenance. Each launcher weighs 37kg. The launcher is mounted on the launcher. The emitter's high and low shooting boundaries are -10~- +10, and the left and right shooting boundaries are 200. When firing missiles at maximum range, the rate of fire is 2 rounds/minute.
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